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We performed Alan Watts in different accents on the front porch: we’d read a paragraph and pass it off to the next for the next accent: enlglish, scottish, indian, bat man, ol greg, man-about-to-orgasm, George Bush, ganster, more ol greg, lol. Just take a moment to imagine Ol Greg reading Alan Watts aloud. Your Welcome.
Already giddy and goofy when minor improv breaks out of what was a semi deep philosophical discussion- I hope I remember for a long time.

Ever have that moment while watching a movie for the first time where you realized how much you were enjoying it and how sad you were that it could never be the first time again?

I just had that moment…. but about my life.

Good productive day at work. Heading to our back yard to lay on the beach before facing the traffic home.

BONUS- there’s a grocery store on the beach so it won’t be weird for me to shop in a bathing suit and cover up. to buy: BANANAS, spinach, OJ, beef, mushrooms.

I get very inspired by the things I see. I’m inspired by architecture, I’m inspired by photography, I’m inspired by ideas, I’m inspired by the idea that someone could have a vision and if that vision had stayed in their mind, they would have robbed the world of the opportunity to experience that vision
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