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I’ve been really bothered and troubled by the notion of moving to St. Pete by myself and away from the most stable/loving living environment I’ve ever had. Really bothered- like: loosing myself in books and withdrawing into myself kind of bothered.

I’ve just been informed by C that: “I don’t see a reason that the two of us can’t maybe come along with you- we’re not that committed to anything here. We could probably find a 3 bedroom in St. Pete. A keeps brining it up pretty much every time we talk- he pretty much feels the same way”

It never even occurred to me that the guys would move to keep our little friend-family together. I thought they’d just find another roommate; that they’d be sad to see me go- but never thought they’d think to follow. I am so completely humbled and surprised.

They’re choosing to DO LIFE with me even when not all that convenient. How did I get so lucky?

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